Mozambique De-mining Effort Succeeding

March 14, 2000

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Mozambique De-Mining Effort Succeeding

Mozambique De-Mining
Effort Succeeding
dated March 14, 2000

Mozambique, February 2000
CAW Social Justice Fund dollars are making a huge difference in the lives of the people of Mozambique. A year and a half into the four year de-mining program, a team of CAW members got a first hand look at the pain-staking and extremely dangerous work of the 32 de-mining crews funded by the CAW.

Carol Phillips
CAW Dir. International Dept.

"What we saw when we were in Mozambique were the efforts of our de-mining crews that we are funding there coming to fruition. Land that had been cleared that once again was able to be used by people for agriculture."

In addition to seeing how the de-mining effort was succeeding, the CAW team also received the gratitude of the Mozambique people for the CAW's assistance in helping them to rebuild their war torn nation.

Carol Phillips
CAW Dir. International Dept.

"There was this wonderful moment when we drove up to a school and were greeted by a 120 primary school children singing a song of greeting and thanks for the new school that our fund had managed to construct. Previous to that they had been in thatched mud huts and the new structure that was in place that they could use was as a direct result of the money that the CAW Social Justice Fund was able to put into that community."

International Department Director Carol Phillips says the money spent in helping Mozambique is well spent and is making a real difference.

Carol Phillips
CAW Dir. International Dept.

"It's a country that has had a real commitment to the peace process. They have gone through terrible wars. They have struggled through those wars and they have come together as a country to get over those wars. In a continent, in the continent of Africa that is very troubled Mozambique stands out as a real beacon of hope."

Julie White, President of CAW Local 27 was a member of the CAW inspection team. While encouraged with the progress of the de-mining she stressed the need to do more.

Julie White
Pres. CAW Local 27

"As Canadians and as trade unionists you know we have to work in solidarity with people to try and make changes and life better for everybody. It's a terrible situation there now."

Despite the adversity of war and the ravages of floods and cyclones, which hit Mozambique recently, the people of Mozambique continue their struggle and the CAW is there to help them. The CAW Social Justice Fund and CAW National Union have committed $200,000 towards Flood Relief. Local Unions have also been asked to make contributions.

CAW "Fighting Back Makes a Difference."

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