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Buzz Hargrove

"The apprenticeship system in Ontario has worked for many years. This bill will deregulate and de-skill the apprenticeship system that is so critical to the success of key industries such as auto assembly, aerospace, auto parts, electronics and rail."

Buzz Hargrove
CAW President

Canadian Auto Workers National Union

The Harris government is now slicing into the very foundation of Ontario's highly productive, award-winning manufacturing sector.

Ontario's automobile, auto parts and aerospace plants have consistently won international acclaim for their high quality and productive output. Ontario skilled trades workers are major contributors to our manufacturing success.

It is passing a law, Bill 55, that will take the skill and the quality out of our workforce.

Harris is reducing the future standards for skilled trades education and training.

It will take away our competitive edge.

Instead, let's protect and strengthen apprenticeship training in Ontario. Hearings are underway in Ontario. Let your MPP know that Bill 55 will not work for the youth of Ontario or your community.

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