Special Issue 2004

Special Pride Standing Committee and Caucus Issue 2004

CAW Local 1285 Pride Standing Committee

The Local 1285 Pride Committee is pleased to announce its involvement with the Peel Pride Committee of Brampton in announcing the first ever Pride Day to be held Saturday, July 17th at the Heart Lake Conservation Area in Brampton, Ontario. The event will run from noon until 4pm, admission is $4.00 at the gate. Anyone interested in setting up a booth at Pride Day can call 905-846-7176 or email at sue-linda@rogers.com for further information.

This past March 6th, brother Mark Keir of our Pride Committee attended the 4th annual Bowlathon for the Peel Aids/HIV Network ( PHAN ). The event raised a very impressive $6,000 that will go towards the client services section of PHAN. The 1285 Pride Committee and PHAN would like to send a very heartfelt THANK YOU to Local 1285 for its generous donation that went toward prizes for this event.

We'd like to remind everyone to please keep up the pressure on your Members of Parliament and do what you can in your committees and caucuses to help keep the issue of same-sex marriage front and center. Letter writing, emails and phone calls to your MP's will let them know that as a strong, united union, together we will not let this issue become another unkept promise.

To get in touch with our committee please call 905-451-8310 ext 241 or email us at pride@caw1285.on.ca

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CAW Local 199 Pride Standing Committee

On Saturday, April 3rd, 2004, the CAW Local 199 LGBT Standing Committee organized its inaugural community dance event to benefit AIDS Niagara and Canadians for Equal Marriage. The event, held at the St. Catharines CAW hall and aptly titled "Easter Bunny Hop", drew overwhelming support from both the LGBT community and the general public. More than 200 tickets were sold, with total net proceeds of $2,950 are to be equally divided between the two charities. Highlights of the event included door prize draws, best costume prize, great food, and an inspiring speech by Ted Mauradian, the federal NDP candidate from the St. Catharines district.

Great prizes were generously donated by various businesses and people. As well, volunteers donated their time and effort in making the event a reality. The Committee would like to thank you all. On the heels of the resounding success, the Committee is confident that its Fall dance event will have an even greater impact.

Those who are interested in finding out more information, or would like to be on the Committee's electronic mailing list can contact Tom at (905)714-7333 or stickman@iaw.on.ca

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CAW Local 27 Pride Standing Committee

We are working on getting our Standing Committee active again. We invite all Local 27 members interested in attending a strategy meeting to leave a message for us at the Local: (519) 455-3430.

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Golden Horseshoe Regional LGBT Caucus

The February 28th 'Revival' meeting for the Golden Horseshoe LGBT Caucus brought people together from Locals 199, 636, 707, and 1285. We discussed Local 199's upcoming community dance on April 3rd, the International Women's Day celebration, and events for the National Anti-Racism Day.

In addition, we worked on a few ideas for Pride Toronto. Chanting was mentioned as a method of conveying our message. However, no decision was made as to what the chant(s) would be. As well, we were not sure if we could get enough people participating to sound as powerful as a union should. Getting a pick-up truck from Ford instead of renting, and checking to see if we could do a Pride table were a couple of other ideas presented. At the end of the meeting, we watched the video "In Other Words" which dealt with bullying and homophobia in schools. Trying to change attitudes in our workplaces is an issue that unfortunately still needs addressing and we hope to focus on this area at future meetings. The caucus will also look into alternative ways to expand our membership from various locals around the golden horseshoe.

Next meeting will be held on April 24 from 11am to 2pm at Local 707, 475 North Service Road East, Oakville, Ontario.

Contact us at stickman@iaw.on.ca or by calling (905) 714-7333.

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Halifax & Area Pride Caucus

We had a good turnout at our first caucus meeting held on March 23rd. The meeting was successful. One of the actions was to put forward delegates to the upcoming Pride Conference. Our next meeting will be held on May 10th. Please contact us through Local 4606 at (902) 422-0826.

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London and Area Working With Pride Caucus

The CAW London and Area Working With Pride Caucus would like to say thanks to Lisa Kelly and Lynn Brophy for pulling together and organizing the 3rd National Pride Conference. We truly appreciate your continued support and guidance.

Our caucus took on some new initiatives this past year. Last September, we organized our first Movie Social Fundraiser where LGBT films were shown throughout the day. We are happy to announce that we will be holding our second annual Movie Social Fundraiser again this year. The tentative date is set for September 18th 2004. We will keep you informed as we move closer to the event and we hope that you will be able to join us for a day of LGBT films and a barbeque.

With the onset of bad weather in the fall, along with the fact that many of our members belong to more than one committee that meets on weekends, the caucus has moved to having our meetings on-line. We use MSN messenger and are happy to report that we have been able to increase our meeting attendance, as people don't have to travel long distances to attend the meetings.

This past Christmas our caucus decided to adopt a family. We were able to help out a family that had recently had their CAW plant close its doors. We hope to make this an annual initiative. We will try to help LGBT families, people with AIDS or CAW families that have fallen on hard times due to plant closures, strikes or prolonged lay offs.

London Pride Festival weekend will be July 9-11, 2004. Our caucus hopes to have an information table set up for the weekend and we will be marching in the Pride Parade. The London Pride Parade will be on Sunday July 11th 2004. For more information check out the London Pride Website: www.londonpride.ca/home.html

Our meetings are held on the second Sunday of each month. For more information call: Stephanie Johnstone (519) 536-9023, Laura Panther (519) 785-3108; by e-mail: cawpride@yahoo.ca; website:www.geocities.com/cawlgbtcaucus

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Oshawa & Area Caucus

By the time this is in your hands we should be enjoying our third CAW Pride Conference (and I know we're all having a blast)! First I'd like to thank Lisa Kelly and Lynn Brophy for making this conference happen. It means a lot to us all.

On that note, Oshawa East Caucus has funnelled a lot of energy of late on getting to know our community and letting the community know we are here.

This is the time of year that we spend the next couple of months getting ready for Toronto Pride Parade. It also gives us a good opportunity to work with the surrounding caucuses and committees. In our recent meeting we discussed possibly having a Pride Day in Durham. We have a lot of good ideas so we will keep you all posted (imagine a Pride Day in Durham!).

As for our future plans and goals, I think we all agreed that we will continue to educate, organize and always have a presence. Whether it be through letter writing, supporting our local community groups, being in Pride Parades or standing at Queen's Park yelling at the top of our lungs for justice. We will continue.

We are always looking for new members to come out. Contact us at (905) 723-1187 and look for our link soon at www.cawlocal.ca/222

Hope that everyone has a great summer and good luck with all your Pride events this year.

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Western Region Pride Caucus

Our caucus has taken on fewer issues this past year, and has focused mainly on the ongoing problem of disseminating pride news in our workplaces. We seem to have control of this in several areas, but in some locals it is still a battle.

Greg Cline, the caucus co-chair from Local 111, has become increasingly involved in co-facilitating union workshops including "Homophobia in the Workplace" (one such workshop was held in New Westminster in the Spring, 2003). Greg has also been involved in presenting a new 5-day national course, "Building Activism in the Workplace". It's always good to have more LGBT members in more visible facilitating positions.

We maintain our connection to the Multi Union Pride group. Collectively we have worked on community campaigns, and we support individual union initiatives throughout the year. As always, Pride Day is when many months of intense efforts are showcased (body, spirit and float). Last year was no exception. Come and join us in Vancouver for this year's event on Sunday, August 1, 2004.

Our Caucus meets monthly. Contact us by leaving a message at the CAW Regional Office in Vancouver at 1-800-665-3553 or by e-mail: cawpridebc@hotmail.com

Windsor & Area LGBT Caucus

This year's Windsor Pride Week is July 18th to July 25th and the Pride Committee has been busy setting up events for Pride Week. The Windsor Caucus is also in discussions on what we will do for our yearly Pride event. To find out more information on Windsor Pride go to http://www.free2marry.com/windsorpride/

On April 18th CAW Local 444 Human Rights Committee hosts their annual Cultural Diversity Day. This will be the third year that our Caucus will have a display set up. We have been well received each year. We get to hear interesting stories and have discussions with people attending the event. It is our hope that people will become more educated and accepting through education because of displays and information about LGBT people and our issues.

The Windsor LGBT Caucus will again be volunteering for Habitat for Humanity which will be their 10th anniversary this year.

We will have a good showing at the 3rd CAW LGBT Conference and we are looking forward to having an exciting time participating in the conference.

We meet every 3rd Wednesday of the month at 8:00pm at the CAW Regional Office, 2345 Central Ave., Windsor. Contact us at 519-944-5866 or e-mail: lgbtcawwindsor@yahoo.ca; website: www.geocities.com/caw_lgbt_caucus

Anything to Contribute?

If you would like to contribute to Pride in Print, contact us by email at cawpride@caw.ca, or by phone, 1-800-268-5763, Human Rights Department.

To receive your copy of Pride in Print by mail, call or e-mail the Human Rights Department at 1-800-268-5763 / cawpride@caw.ca and have your name added to our confidential mailing list.

Occasionally we send out information to our Pride Activists by e-mail. If you are not receiving information in this format and would like to, please send your email address to cawpride@caw.ca

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