Aboriginal Workers and Workers of Colour 2002 - Leadership Training Program

Aboriginal and Workers of Colour Workers Leadership Training Program - Fall 2002

June 24, 2002

To: Local Union Presidents, Recording Secretaries and Unit Chairpersons Chairpersons, Local Union Human Rights Committees (except Quebec) Lodge Presidents, Rail Locals 100 and 101

Aboriginal and Workers of Colour Workers Leadership Training Program - Fall 2002


The CAW has been offering a two-week Leadership Training Program for Aboriginal and Workers of Colour since 1992. The CAW ABORIGINAL and WORKERS OF COLOUR ACTIVIST COURSE is designed to help aboriginal and workers of colour gain the skills and confidence they need to play a greater role in the union. The course also offers information on subjects such as labour history, workers of colour struggles in the society at large and their role/contribution in the Canadian labour movement.

This course is open to aboriginal and workers of colour members from CAW units that have negotiated Paid Education Leave monies from their employers.

Please encourage workers of colour/aboriginal activists from your unit to apply using the attached application and wage verification forms. Deadline for registration is August 16.

The national union in conjunction with the local union will determine the final selection of participants. The selection is based on criteria such as balance by gender, geography, workplace, sector and availability of monies in the PEL fund of the unit. The selected participants will receive a confirmation in writing from the Paid Education Leave Program at the CAW Family Education Centre.

For more information please contact my office at 416-495-3781 or 1-800-268-5763 or e-mail us at humanrights@caw.ca.

In solidarity,
Raj Dhaliwal
Director, Human Rights Department

cc: B. Hargrove, J. O'Neil, Assistants, L. Hope, Ilene Scott,
NEB members, National Representatives
CAW Council Human Rights Committee members
Chairpersons, Areas Aboriginal and Workers of Colour Caucus

Application Form (PDF)

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