Human Rights Conference 2002 - Report and Photos

CAW Human Rights Conference Report and Photos

More than 125 participants from across the country took part in the CAW Human Rights Conference at the union's Port Elgin Family Education Centre from March 22 to 24.

CAW president Buzz Hargrove opened the conference with a speech highlighting the CAW's commitment to building justice, equality and human rights in the workplace.

Key issues debated during the conference included the fall out of the events of September 11, its impact on human rights, anti-terrorism laws and the war in Afghanistan.

For the first time there was wide discussion on mental health issues, the impact on workers and the need for workplace accommodation.

Delegates also watched a video and discussed the terrible abuse and murders of trade union and human rights activists in Columbia.

Peter Edwards, a Toronto Star reporter and author of the book One Dead Indian, and Sam George, the brother of Dudley George, were guest speakers who outlined the long overdue need for a public inquiry into the shooting death of native protestor Dudley George.

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