June 20, 2002 SENT BY FAX

To: All Ontario CAW Local Unions (and Staff)


Attached you will find a public announcement by the Navistar International Corporation. As you can see, the corporation has made public that they intend to scab the Chatham workplace. I am putting our local unions on alert that they should immediately mobilize their leadership, activists, members and flying squads and contact National Staff Representative Joe McCabe, Local 127 President Charlie Formosa, or my Assistant Bob Chernecki.

Local 127 members at Navistar, with the support of the Windsor, London and Tilbury local unions, have been successful in turning around a number of scab busses in the last few days. The local police have taken the position that they are there to serve and protect the community and as of today, not allowed the scab busses into the community. How long this will continue is undetermined as the corporation is now moving to get injunctions.

This is a critical issue in the union and I am asking for full and complete cooperation from all local unions.

For further information contact:
Joe McCabe, National Representative (519) 358-8559
Charlie Formosa, Local 127 President (519) 354-3450
Bob Chernecki, Assistant to the President (416) 543-7084

In Solidarity,

cc Front Office, Area Directors, NEB

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