Their Struggle Is Our Stuggle



December 18, 2000


Resolution adapted at the membership-meeting in NKIF Local 40, Falconbridge Nikkelverk, Kristiansand, Norway:

NKIF Local 40 has been informed that all workers at Nikkelverk will be laid-off for 16 days because of a shortage of materials.

We find it immoral when a company that made a profit of more than 500 million NOK in the third quarter, now wants to save 6 million NOK by letting the workers and the community pay the price. The spare capacity should have been used for training and education and for maintenance on buildings and in other areas.

The lack of feed to the plant is mainly caused by the ongoing labour conflict in Sudbury, now running in its fifth month. Without doubt some people will try to give the impression that the workers in Sudbury are "responsible" for our lay-offs.

We reject this.

The reason for the conflict in Canada is management's behaviour from the first day of negotiations. And the reason that the conflict has not been ended is management's rejection of the union's proposal for a binding arbitration, and the fact that the company constantly puts up new conditions to return to the bargaining table. It is the management in Sudbury and Toronto that is totally responsible for the continuation of the conflict, and for the lack of feed at the plant in Kristiansand.

NKIF Local 40 repeats its full support for our fellow workers in CAW Local 598. The fact that we are now laid off will not change this. Their struggle is our struggle, and it is the interest of all unionized workers that the fight for respect and a decent agreement is won.


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