Pratt & Whitney: Other Improvements

Pratt & Whitney

1998 Pratt & Whitney

CAW/Pratt & Whitney Canada Report
Bargaining Report
December 1998

Other Improvements

Work Schedule

We added a provision to the collective agreement that if the company wants to modify the production schedules for the purpose of establishing a special schedule, it must obtain the agreement of the union and secondly, this special schedule must be accepted by the majority of the bargaining unit employees affected.


A new procedure for overtime assignment was agreed to by the parties. This new procedure will be included in the collective agreement as of February 28, 2000.

Vacation Improvement

Your committee improved vacation entitlement to six weeks for members with more than 30 years of service.

Drug Abuse Assistance Program

A new letter of understanding regarding the Employee Assistance Program was negotiated. In this letter, the employer recognizes alcoholism and other addictions as diseases. The employer has agreed to pay for rehabilitation treatment. In addition the employer recognizes four (4) union counselors to assist in the administration of the program.


There is a major improvement under Letter 24 on sub-contracting.

Apprenticeship Program

When a bargaining unit employee obtains, through the job posting procedure, a job within the traditional trades, a joint committee will assess the training needs in order to establish an appropriate apprenticeship program.This training program will be developed taking into consideration the CAW Apprenticeship Program

Employment Stabilization

A new committee is established to recommend mechanisms and initiatives that will contribute to employment stabilization. The committee will analyze the feasibility of relocating bargaining unit employees who have been declared surplus. It will also work to improve the current job posting procedure and identify training needs to help with the relocation of displaced employees.

Overtime Banking

An new overtime hours bank has been added to the collective agreement. As of February 28, 2000 the overtime hours bank will be increased from a maximum of 16 hours renewable to 40 hours renewable. As of March 5, 2001, CAW members will be entitled to take 40 hours from their bank in order to take one full week of vacation each year.

Personal Leaves

Sick leaves can now be used for personal reasons and the employer will grant them provided that the supervisor is advised at least 24 hours in advance.

Layoff and Recall Rights

During a displacement CAW members who bump into a another job are now entitled to a familiarization period of two weeks during which a resource person will be available for assistance. The two week period will give the employee the opportunity to demonstrate reasonable ability.

Also, as of March 1, 2000, should layoffs become necessary, they will be made by classification, including working leaders, without consideration of grade.

The recall rights in case of layoff have been improved as follows:
More than 3 years of continuous service = 48 months.
Less than 3 years of continuous service = 36 months.

Vacation Weeks

The collective agreement now makes it mandatory that all vacation weeks are taken.

Shift Choice

The new agreement reduces from 63 years to 60 years of age the right of a bargaining unit employee to stay on his chosen shift.

Severence Pay

Members who suffer a layoff and elect to voluntarily terminate their employment and give up recall rights will now be entitled to a severence payment equal to 1 week's earnings for each year of service, up to a maximum of 26 weeks of pay.

Bereavement Leave

Bereavement leave has been increased from 3 days to 4 working days, consecutive or not, in the case of the member's mother, father, spouse, children, and spouse's children.

Maternity Leave

The agreement provides for a new supplementary unemployment benefit plan for members on maternity leave. The member will now get 18 weeks leave and receive the equivalent of 75 per cent of her salary (including EI benefits). During the leave period the bargaining unit member will maintain group insurance coverage and will also continue to accumulate seniority and credited service under the pension plan.

Staff Returning to the Bargaining Unit

Current staff with seniority rights working outside the bargaining unit will have until February 28, 2000 to return to the bargaining unit. After that date any staff member who has not returned loses seniority within the bargaining unit. Effective March 1, 1999 members who leave the bargaining unit will have seniority frozen and after 3 months of accumulated time will lose their seniority for recall purposes.

Deferred Compensation Program

A new deferred compensation program was negotiated that allows CAW members, as of November 1st, 1999, to defer 20 per cent of their wages over a period of four years. This allows the member to take one year of vacation in the fifth year, at 80 per cent of their salary, while maintaining benefits.

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