PC World

PC World

CAW Local 124

  • PC World manufactures circuit boards and supplies Honeywell, Northern Telecom and Celestica.
  • First agreement - December 9th, 1993 to December 8th, 1995
  • One year extension agreed until December 1996 with no wage increase to help the company out of bankruptcy protection.

When negotiations for this contract began December 4th, 1996:

  • 103 people in the Bargaining Unit
  • 77 actively working
  • 26 on laid off status

Strike began January 8th, 1997 and continues today - (8 months).

Day two, the company hired scabs and today they have 140 scabs including 30 out of 103 of our own members.

The company sought and were successful, in obtaining an injunction limiting the picketers to 24.

The company sought a further injunction and won the right to eliminate all picketers.
The bargaining committee was charged with contempt of court.

CAW appealed the decision and won the right to have 24 picketers again.

CAW charged the company with bargaining in bad faith and won a decision by the Board, July 11.

The OLRB Report concluded, "The Board has found here that PC World breached its duty to bargain in good faith by failing to meet with the union to bargain for a new collective agreement. The Board also finds that the employer, by tabling the proposal it did on April 18, 1997, breached its duty to bargain in good faith. Clearly, after a lengthy strike of the sort experienced by these parties, positions will have changed, and the employer is entitled to exercise its increased bargaining power, so long as it bargains in good faith and without the purpose of the destruction of the union."

The Ontario Labour Relations Board report found the company came out of bankruptcy and "it is doing well". It concluded, "It is therefore difficult to see how the employer can maintain that it must, for financial reasons, seek the concessions it is seeking in its April 18 proposal".

CAW have continued to bargain as late as August 31st, and still the company is demanding roll backs of 43 employees ranging from .10¢ to $4.78 per hour.

The average wage for production workers is $12 per hour.

They have contracted out and eliminated almost all skilled trade positions.

New outstanding demands include:

  1. Wages: - a wage schedule which will roll back 43 people from .10¢ to $4.78/hr.

  2. Wage freeze for a further year and then a .20¢ and .25¢ increase year two and three.

  3. Elimination of the wash up period - 10 minutes a day.

  4. No overtime provisions for Sunday work.

  5. No overtime provisions for hours worked in excess of 8 hours per day.

  6. Eliminate overtime from after 40 hours a week to 44 hours a week.

  7. Shift premium from a current rate of 10% of the hourly rate (approx. $1.40) to .50¢ per hour; reduction of .90¢ per hour.

  8. Benefit Roll Backs: Dental, Physiotherapy, Generic Drug Prescription Plan.

  9. Protective clothing, which was once five sets a week, has been reduced to two smocks and the Company will no longer clean the uniforms. These employees work with strong chemicals and plating materials and in the past, all cleaning has been done by the Company.

The company is demanding that all scabs vote as part of their last company proposal.

Come in solidarity to:

250 Finchdene
Take hwy 401 to Markham Road
North to Finch Ave.
Turn Right two streets to Finchdene N.

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