No. 3, July 9, 2002

No. 3, July 9, 2002

Solidarity News

July 9, 2002 No. 3

  • Navistar obtained a continuation of an injunction limiting picketing on Monday after several days of hearings. The CAW remains firm in its position to not allow replacement workers into the plant. The company, which advertised late last week for replacement workers in several south western Ontario cities, has not attempted to bring in scabs this week but the strikers remain on alert each day.

  • Monday night a large CAW delegation crowded into Chatham's city council meeting and eventually held a meeting with the mayor to stress the union's position regarding replacement workers.

  • CAW president Buzz Hargrove again wrote Brad Clark, Minister of Labour, to express "my extreme frustration" with the Minister's lack of action in "one of the most serious labour disputes that our union has been involved in". The letter can be found on the CAW's web site - - then click on the left hand menu button "Navistar".

  • Don Milner, the CAW local 444 member run over by a van driven by security guards remains in critical condition.

  • New verses for "Solidarity Forever":

    Navistar in Chatham used to be the place to work
    But now they're trying to run it with a vicious bunch of jerks
    They're trying to take away the things that we've been fighting for
    But the union marches on.


    For those of you without a union hope you realize
    The benefits that we fought for seem to run on down the line
    Please be patient with us trying to keep what we have sworn
    So when you go by TOOT your horn!


    Navistar keeps trying to bring these goons from out of town
    They're trying to bring the SCABS in, they're trying to wear us down
    But we'll stand and fight to uphold all the gains we've written down
    and we'll kick those scabs out of town.

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