No. 2, July 5, 2002

No. 2, July 5, 2002

Solidarity News

July 5, 2002 No. 2

  • The injunction application by Navistar (International Truck) continues today in a Windsor courtroom. Amongst the court documents was a statement by Chatham-Kent police inspector Tim Mifflin summarizing a meeting with company officials. During the meeting the company, wanting to bring in replacement workers, asked if the "National Guard" could assist in bringing in replacement workers. Of course, there is no National Guard in Canada.

    More importantly, the statement reveals the determination of the company to bring in scabs.

  • The CAW has discovered newspaper ads for replacement workers have appeared in a number of south-west Ontario cities this week: Windsor, London and Sarnia.

  • The following letter appeared in the Windsor Star, July 3rd, 2002

    Thankful for Support for Injured Picketer

    I want to personally thank Local 444 CAW members and UAW members for passing on notes and words of best wishes to Don Milner, especially his co-workers and union brothers and sisters at the Windsor Assembly Plant.

    It has been a very hard week. I'm very happy to read in the paper that Navistar has not attempted to put replacement workers in the plant, nor do I believe they should even try, God forbid any else get hurt. With everything I have heard about what has been going on in plants in Windsor, they would be making a big mistake.

    I am very happy to hear of all the support and I will be telling Don once he is awake that he is pretty much in everyone's thoughts.

    At this time, Don is still in critical condition with more surgery to come.

    JAMIE MILNER, Lakeshore
    (wife of Don Milner, the CAW member critically injured on the picket line, Monday, June 24/02 in Chatham).

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