No. 1, July 3, 2002

No. 1, July 3, 2002

Solidarity News

July 3, 2002 No. 1

Commencing Wednesday, July 3 for the duration of the strike we will be issuing news notes every Tuesday and Friday.

  • Since Monday, June 24 when Local 444 member Don Milner was critically injured on the picket line, the company has not attempted to bring a busload of scabs through the line. The last attempt was that same Monday morning.

  • This morning recruitment of scabs was underway again in Windsor so the Navistar membership and CAW locals remain on alert.

  • Thursday, July 4, the CAW will be back in court in a continuation of an injunction hearing brought by the company looking to obtain permanent reductions or possibly elimination of picketers.

  • As of this morning the company informed the CAW that they are "still reviewing" whether or not they are going to return to the bargaining table, and if they did, under what conditions.

  • The Mayor of Chatham has written Steve Keate, President, Truck Group, International Truck: [excerpt] "As you are aware, in Ontario your company has the legal right to use replacement workers, however, the serious threat to public safety that has resulted from the mass picketing by the CAW, altercations or incident with your security on our roads has caused us to request your company to reconsider the use of replacement workers, at this time. This will allow for a potentially volatile situation to be averted. We realize this is a decision, which is entirely at your discretion."

    Bob Chernecki, Assistant to the President, responded:
    [excerpt] "I ... note in your letter, you do request that Navistar cease their actions in attempting to bring scabs into the community 'at this time'.

    Although the CAW workers of Navistar and the community appreciate your intervention, the facts are - what exactly does timing have to do with this unprovoked, irresponsible, negligent action by Navistar? It may be their choice to attempt to scab the facility, but the CAW is on the record regarding this issue."

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