Minutes Of Settlement Between CAW-Canada And Johnson Controls Inc.

Friday, April 16, 1999

Minutes of Settlement between CAW-Canada and Johnson Controls Inc.

The parties agree that the items listed below are full and final settlement regarding the dispute that commenced on April 15, 1999.

  1. The Company agrees that all laid off notices will be rescinded and individuals will be placed on the payroll effective immediately. This provision applies to the persons given notice of layoff on March 11, 1999.
  2. It is also agreed that J.C.I. Stratford will be the primary supplier to Bramalea Assembly. The parties agree that when people retire, quit, or lose their seniority the aggregate amount will be calculated at the end of the month and once a total is realized the company will recall individuals in line with their seniority at a 75% ratio within 2 weeks of this monthly calculation.

    The following formula will apply eg. April 19, 1999.

    Base Manpower 500

    Retirement or Quits and loss of seniority 100

    75% of 100 = 75

    Base Manpower 475

    Note: this means that 75 people will return from layoff. The parties agree this provision will provide for a 3 out of 4 replacement ratio. The Company also agrees that in the event that for market conditions there is a reduction in Production at Chrysler Bramalea, Stratford will be fully utilized for all trim demands for Bramalea before any layoffs take place in Stratford.

  3. Past Pension Credits- The parties agree that all individuals age 55 years or older will be eligible for the early retirement window recently negotiated.
  4. The Company agrees that each cell will be provided with an ergonomically designed chair within 30 days of this agreement with the understanding that all individuals will rotate through the work stations on an equal basis. The understanding of providing a chair is on the bases that there will not be any significant change in production. The Company agrees to meet with the Union with full disclosure of information prior to any change in this system.
  5. The Company agrees that it will withdraw or not proceed with any reprisals, Law suits, Court Actions, Legal or otherwise launched against CAW-Canada, CAW Local 1325 and or its members for participating in the dispute.
  6. The parties agree to settle the Arbitration scheduled on Friday, April 16, 1999, on the basis of reinstated as of Monday, April 19, 1999 and placement on the opposite shift.
  7. The Parties agree that in calculating the surplus of 25 people resulting in the 20 minute paid lunch provision will be reduced by 7 to account for individuals who have left the employ of the Company since the signing of the Collective Agreement in January 1999. The remaining 18 will be subtracted from any future recall numbers calculated in # 1 above.
  8. During these discussions the Corporation raised the issue of replacement work for the JCI Stratford location. The issue was raised by the Corporation concerning the sewing operations currently performed by the Stratford. The Corporation committeed that if replacement was contemplated that the current work being performed, ie: sewing operations would only be outsourced if there was mutual agreement between the Union and the Company. The results of any contemplated actions would be no loss of permanent work for the JCI Stratford location. In addition, the Corporation agrees that any work would be of a permanent nature and exchanged on a one for one basis.

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