Issue #3 August 28, 1996 - CAW Targets Chrysler Canada

Issue #3 August 28, 1996 - CAW Targets Chrysler Canada


TORONTO -- CAW president Buzz Hargrove announced that Chrysler Canada is the target in the 1996 round of bargaining with the Big Three automakers Wednesday morning.

The CAW and Chrysler signed an agreement to extend the 1993 contract by three days. This means the strike deadline for bargaining has been moved from Saturday, September 14 to Tuesday, September 17 at 11:59 p.m., Hargrove told Canadian Auto Workers’ leadership from Chrysler, Ford and General Motors at a meeting.

The selection of Chrysler as a target was a question of where the union can get the best settlement on the membership’s priority issues such as outsourcing, with the least sacrifice, said Hargrove.

"I want to send a message this morning to all the companies - the outsourcing issue won’t be put off until another day," Hargrove said.

The CAW wants to establish a pattern that it can take to GM which allows it to concentrate on the problem of 5,000 jobs being outsourced, Hargrove said.
The target will not only mean the best contract for Chrysler workers, but also for Ford and GM workers, their families and communities.

Hargrove said the union will take steps to deal with outsourcing, promote shorter work time and fight lean and mean production techniques among other issues. "The number one priority for our union is to establish the principle of work ownership," said Hargrove. He said the manufacture of high quality vehicles by a productive workforce should mean greater job security for auto workers in Canada. But the corporations continue to challenge the job security of auto workers who work in profitable plants through outsourcing, sales and closures.

In Canada the labour cost advantage is $10 US per worker compared to American workers.

The CAW has built up a strike fund of $50 million, which will last 16 weeks if a strike were necessary at Chrysler.

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