Issue #24 - November 4, 1996 - First Economic Offer to Come Monday

Issue #24 - November 4, 1996 - First Economic Offer to Come Monday


CAW president Buzz Hargrove said Ford had informed him it would present it first economic offer early this evening.

"I have stressed to the company that the offer should contain the pattern so that there’s enough time to make sure the contract language is in place before the strike deadline, Wednesday, November 6, 1996."

"I’m more optimistic than at GM but there’s still enough issues to cause us to run into the ditch. There’s enough time but the ball’s in Ford’s court." Mr. McKenzie did not indicate at the meeting with Hargrove and CAW/Ford Master Committee Chairperson, Bob Such what would be in the company’s offer.

Hargrove said the sub-committees and local committees would spend Monday afternoon concentrating on the non-pattern issues. In every company there are important issues relating to local working conditions that have to be dealt with. Ford is no exception.

"The local issues are serious," said Such, "but there’s still time."

At the local level progress is being made at the talks with the exception of Local 707, Oakville and the two office locals, in Windsor and Bramalea, Locals 240 and 1324.

There are still tough issues at the skilled trades negotiations that have to be resolved.

"Sub-committees have been stymied because of the pattern issues not being resolved yet," said Hargrove.

"A lot is riding on whether or not the company meets the pattern with its offer this evening."

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