Issue #14 - September 30, 1996 - Pressure at the Bargaining Table Increases

Issue #14 - September 30, 1996 - Pressure at the Bargaining Table Increases

A small light at the end of a long, long tunnel

CAW president Buzz Hargrove told a news briefing Monday morning that for the first time there is an indication from GM that it can live with the Chrysler economic settlement.

Hargrove described this as, " a small light at the end of a long, long tunnel".

As well, General Motors signed an agreement which recognizes the selective and escalating strike strategy by extending the current agreement at each location until the union goes on strike. Hargrove said it indicated to him that the company would not lock out the membership.

Hargrove repeated the selective and escalating strike schedule. If no tentative agreement is reached on Wednesday, October 2 at 11:59p.m., members in Oshawa and Boisbriand (St. Therese) will go on strike. On Sunday, October 6, 11:59p.m. St. Catharines would join the strike. On Wednesday, October 9, at 11:59 p.m. all the remaining GM workers in London, Windsor and Woodstock would join the strike.

On the key issue of outsourcing, the company is still taking a hard line on both future outsourcing decisions and on the decisions affecting the Oshawa fabrication plant, Windsor trim, and St. Catharines axle plants and, notification of outsourcing at several locations affecting approximately 5500 workers.

"If the company does not indicate by this afternoon that they are prepared to negotiate a resolve on the key issues, then I’m prepared to call a halt early this evening to discussions at the sub-committee and local level talks," said Hargrove.

"We’re stepping up the pressure in the same way we did at Chrysler. What this means is talks will continue at the very top level on the key issues. But the company has to understand that even if they decide to resolve the key issues by Wednesday, they will not have an agreement unless issues at the sub-committee level such as overtime agreements, benefits, and production standards as well as issues at the local tables are resolved."

CAW/GM Master Committee Chairperson Dave Vyse said, "We have to get the message to GM today that there will be no agreement without a resolve to the key issues".

Hargrove said the CAW/GM Master Bargaining Committee will be reviewing the state of the talks late this afternoon and will decide whether or not to call a halt to the sub-committee and local table negotiations.


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