Issue #1 August 15, 1996 - Talks Underway

Issue #1 August 15, 1996 - Talks Underway


(Toronto) - Top officials at the Canadian Auto Workers union and at each of the Big Three automakers met this week to probe key economic issues.

Also, the master bargaining committees at General Motors and Ford met with company negotiators this week as the CAW prepares for a tough round of bargaining. The master committee at Chrysler will meet with company officials early next week.

Local committees at the Big Three have been meeting with the company since early August.

CAW president Buzz Hargrove is meeting regularly with UAW president Stephen Yokich and the UAW vice presidents in charge of Big 3 bargaining to discuss issues of mutual interest related to the auto talks.

The CAW officially opened bargaining with the Big Three in mid-July. Following the opening of bargaining CAW president Buzz Hargrove slammed the automakers for pushing outsourcing, a faster workpace and leaner workplaces.

With government cutbacks leaving workers more vulnerable than ever before on unemployment insurance, workers compensation, health and safety and labour laws, Hargrove told top officials at GM, Ford and Chrysler the union plans to set up special bargaining sub committees to tie down standards in each collective agreement so they won’t be up for grabs.

Hargrove will announce the strike target for this round of bargaining shortly before Labour Day.

The United Auto Workers (UAW) union in the U.S. is expected to announce its strike target for Big Three bargaining in the third week of August.

The CAW is considering moving the target company deadline from Saturday, September 14 to Tuesday, September 17 to ensure maximum pressure on the targeted employer prior to the deadline.

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