International Solidarity Letters

International Solidarity Letters

International Solidarity Letters

To the workers of the Navistar International Truck Corporation

Dear Brothers and Sisters: We send you our heartfelt solidarity and greetings in your struggle from all of the brothers and sisters of the FAT (Authentic Labor Front)...

Today, more than ever, workers - without taking into consideration nationalities - should remain united to confront capital as one. That is all for now. We say goodbye with the hope that your conflict gets resolved soon and that your legitimate demands are accepted.

Frente Authentico del Trabajo (Authentic Front
of Mexican Workers) - a progressive central labour body in Mexico

A traves de la FITIM, nos enteramos de las dificultades que enfrentan en al HUELGA de la Planta Internacional Trucks Corp. en Chatham.

Los afiliados a la Confederacion Nacional de Trabajadores Metalurgicos de Chile "CONSTRAMET", queremos manifestarle nuestra mas irrestricta solidaridad a Uds. y los trabajadores en huelga...

Miguel Soto Roa, President
Chilean Metalworkers (CONSTRAMET)

We are pleased to extend full support to the striking workers at Navistar in their struggle to save their jobs and to express our solidarity with the workers and further wish them all success.

Shanti Patel, President,
Steel, Metal & Engineering Workers' Federation of India

To All IMF Affiliates

Urgent support for Navistar/International Truck Workers in Canada

600 members of the IMF affiliated Canadian Automobile Workers Union in Canada (CAW) are on strike against the company's demand for massive concessions at the International Truck Corp. plant in Chatham.

The company intends to pick up production from the strike at their location in Mexico. They have also made public their intention to use scab labour at the Chatham workplace.

Members at Navistar with the support of other local unions have been successful in turning around a number of scab buses in the last few days but the corporation is now moving to get injunctions.

We urge all our affiliates to send letters of support to CAW Canada directly by fax no. ++1.416.495.6554 or by e-mail:

Marcello Malentacchi, General Secretary, IMF

On behalf of the 160,000 members of the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union I want to express our solidarity with you the union members at International Trucks in Chatham Canada. We are outraged at the tactics of this multi-national company...

We know that you have fine leadership and support from your union the CAW...

Julius Roe, National President
Australian Manufacturing Workers Union

Dear CAW Local 127 members,

I write this note to send a message of solidarity from Australia, to you and your families.

Members of the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union face similar struggles in our country. Unscrupulous bosses who just want to make massive profits without any consideration for workers and their families are the same the world over, so are State and National Governments who back them, both must be defeated...

John Short, National Organizing Unit Co-ordinator
Australian Manufacturing Workers Union

It is a constant battle for workers every where, but it is a must. If workers and their unions don't take a stand and fight to keep what our parents left for us, who is? And what kind of a future we are leaving for the coming generation?...

Ghazi Noshie
(AMWU) Australian manufacturing Workers Union

The members of Steel, Metal and Engineering Worker's Federation of India (Karnataka Branch) have an affiliation of IMF, who heartedly support and extend our solidarity to the members of Canada Automobile Workers Union who are on strike against the companies attitude of International Truck Corporation in Chatham.

V.T. Narasimhan, General Secretary

L'ensemble des travailleurs et travailleuses affilie a la federation U.G.T.A. de la metallurgie siderurgie mecanique electrique et electronique (FNTMMEE) viennent par la presente apporter leur soutient total et indefectible aux travailleuses et travailleurs de l'entreprise CAW Canada qui protestent contre la decision de l'entreprise d'exiger des concessions excessives aux travailleuses et travailleurs de l'usine International Trucks Corp. a Chatham...

Ahmed Benhacine, Le secretaire general de la FNTMMEE P/I

OZ KOVO totally supports the strike called by trade union CAW, in protest at company's demand for massive concessions at the International Truck Corp. plant in Chatham. We agree in particular with this mobilization in order to keep the productions and job guarantee, and underline that the strike as an elemental component of the European social mode, means the last solution when the rest of alternatives have failed.

Emil Machyna, Chairman

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