Agreement Reached To End PC World Dispute

Agreement Reached to End PC World Dispute

11 September, 1997

(Toronto) A meeting early this afternoon between the CEO and President of PC World and CAW president Buzz Hargrove was convened by Paul Gardner, director of mediation for the Ontario Department of Labour, resulting in a settlement to a dispute which began January 8, 1997.

After a 2 and hour meeting an agreement was reached that successfully ends this dispute. The agreement requires the removal of the picket lines and a return to the bargaining table in an attempt to reach a negotiated settlement by Sunday, September 14. Failing a negotiated settlement by the parties, the outstanding monetary issues will be submitted to a jointly agreed to arbitrator for a binding settlement. The arbitrator must render this decision by Friday, September 19.

Hargrove, in announcing the settlement to the PC World workers and about 100 CAW members on the picket line said, "The successful conclusion of this dispute is important for CAW members of PC World and it could not have happened without the total solidarity of our local union leadership and membership from across Southern Ontario. I especially want to thank those workers who gave up pay and bolstered the picket line in the face of growing police involvement."

Asked by a reporter if this settlement is a victory, Hargrove replied, "The real victory will come when the legislation is removed that allows employers like PC World to hire scabs and steal our members' jobs."

Hargrove concluded by repeating the slogan of the union's constitutional convention, "Fighting back makes a difference". He added, "After trying every possible solution, we were left with no alternative in this dispute except to fight if we were going to make a difference for these workers and their families." Elaborating, he said, "you can't expect to make gains on behalf of working people without fighting back against an environment which encourages anti-labour legislation and strips workers of the rights that they have fought for years to achieve."

For further information contact Jane Armstrong, Director of Communications, at 416-497-4110, Ext. 510

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