August 31, 1999

1999 Big Three Bargaining
Auto Talks Bulletin


Issue #2

August 31, 1999

(Toronto) - CAW members who work at the Big Three automakers in Canada have voted overwhelmingly to give union negotiators the mandate to strike, if necessary, to achieve their bargaining demands in the upcoming round of contract talks.

Here are the results. Members of the Canadian Auto Workers union at General Motors voted 97 per cent in favour of a strike. At Ford, 96 per cent voted in favour of a strike, while at Daimler Chrysler, 97.5 per cent supported a strike, if necessary.

CAW president Buzz Hargrove said the vote results show that at a time of record company profits the membership is determined to bargain a collective agreement that provides stronger pensions, wages, benefits and working conditions.

"Workers understand the importance of supporting their bargaining committees as they struggle to secure a better future for themselves, tens of thousands of their co-workers, their families and communities," Hargrove said.

Voting was conducted on the August 28 and 29 weekend.

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