October 15, 1999

1999 Big Three Bargaining
Auto Talks Bulletin


11:59 PM

Issue #13

October 15, 1999

"GM's first economic offer appears to meet the pattern established first at Ford and accepted by DaimlerChrysler," said Buzz Hargrove today following a meeting between the master bargaining committees of the CAW and GM.

"On the basic economics - wages, pensions, time off the job, and COLA - they've tabled an offer extremely close to the package. The company also tabled a broad proposal regarding investments related to St. Catharines, Oshawa and Windsor. Hargrove said to the media that the offer included significant investment dollar amounts for St. Catharines and Oshawa but lacked specific details.

"While encouraging, the wording was very vague and we want to make sure the company is not including old announcements," added Hargrove.

"The offer does not address a new product for Ste-Thérèse which is very troubling."

CAW Quebec Director Luc Desnoyers met with Prime Minister Jean Chrétien yesterday evening in Ottawa to discuss the Ste-Thérèse situation and the need for the Federal government's support for a new product allocation. Luc Desnoyers stated, "The meeting was cordial and productive but it lacked any specific support commitment."

Bargaining at the local tables and subcommittee levels continues.

"There are still a host of unresolved issues on local tables as well as issues related to working conditions, job security, skilled trades and situations peculiar to GM workers and retirees in the health care area that are not settled."

"There's plenty of issues that have to be resolved but there's also a lot of time," concluded Mike Shields, Chairperson CAW/GM master bargaining committee.

With the pattern on the table, the master bargaining committee and local committees will now double their efforts to resolve the outstanding issues.

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