CAW Local 200 and Windsor Fight To Save Jobs At Ford

Windsor, Ontario

October 1, 2006

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CAW Local 200 and Windsor Fight To Save Jobs At Ford

More than 2,500 auto workers, their families, politicians and community leaders jammed into a hall in Windsor to show their solidarity in the fight to save jobs at Ford's Essex Engine Plant. CAW Local 200 president, Mike Vince, said this coming together of the entire Windsor and Essex county leadership sends a clear message to Ford Motor company.

Mike Vince
President CAW Local 200

"This is about saying as a community, we believe, as in the past, we can be part of the turn around in the market share and the success of Ford Motor company. We have a rich history of doing it."

Canadian Auto Workers union national president Buzz Hargrove told the crowd the fight to save jobs in Windsor is a fight for all Canadians and it is time the Federal government steps up to save jobs instead of making free trade deals with countries like South Korea.

Buzz Hargrove
CAW National President

"We need government leadership. We need an auto pact arrangement that says to the Asians, yes you are welcome in our market but by God you're not welcome to sell in that market unless you buy our products as well."

Hargrove also had a message for Ford Motor Company.

Buzz Hargrove
CAW National President

"So I say, through you, to the leadership of Ford Motor company; We understand we are North America, we understand the globe and where we live. But we want you to understand that the Canadian work force of Ford Motor company for over 104 years has met not only the test on quality, productivity and cost, but we have made money for Ford Motor company, unlike a lot of other operations, brothers and sisters."

Politicians from various levels of government including both the provincial and federal levels pledged their support in the fight to get a new product into the Ford Essex engine plant. Community leaders throughout Windsor and Essex county rallied to the banner, including Windsor Mayor Eddy Francis.

Eddy Francis
Windsor Mayor

"Partisan politics needs to be put aside and we must embrace the fact that we either work together or we lose together. And the City of Windsor and the leadership is prepared to work together."

CAW Local 444 president Ken Lewenza said the fight for jobs is just beginning.

Ken Lewenza
CAW Council Chair

"After this today, our protest, our demonstration, our determination to win will not stop at this podium. It will go into our work places. It will go into our community. The next plan of action is to have a major community demonstration on industrial policy in this country to save the jobs of all Canadians."

Meanwhile the CAW national union, along with the leadership at CAW Local 200 is continuing to meet with Ford officials to find a way to save the jobs at the Essex Engine plant.

CAW "Fighting Back Makes a Difference."

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