CAW Fights For Long Term Care Standards

London, Ontario

January 24, 2007

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CAW Fights For Long Term Care Standards

The Canadian Auto Workers union and its activists are continuing the fight to protect its members and residents of long term care facilities in Ontario. Appearing at public hearings on Ontario's proposed Bill 140 in London Ontario, Darlene Prouse, president of the CAW Ontario Health Council told the Standing Committee on Social Policy that there has been a decline in patient care hours in long term care facilities.
Darlene Prouse
CAW Ontario Health Care Council Pres.

"This places workers and residents at risk and provides difficulty in providing of quality care. A minimum staffing standard is a means of providing accountability for both the provider and the government and our insurance to provide adequate and appropriate staffing."

CAW national representative, Robert Buchanan said since the government sets standards to protect the public, why not protect the seniors in long term care.

Robert Buchanan
CAW national rep.

"Far too long have residents in these facilities been put in vulnerable situations because there is no minimum staffing requirement. Governments and policy makers have recognized the fact that we need to have minimum standards. We have a minimum standard for wages. We have minimum standards for health and safety, but we don't have minimum standards for nursing and personal care."

Also speaking to the standing committee was CAW Local 27 activist and president of the London District Health Council, Jim Kennedy. He said a minimum patient care standard of 3.5 hours per day per patient is needed along with funding.

Jim Kennedy
CAW Local 27

"This new legislation must ensure that the care needs of our residents are soundly measured and reported. And that minimum care standards be weighted to these assessed needs be established. The government must fund to a level that is adequate to provide care to the assessed levels of standards and that the facilities be held to account for providing the care for which they are funded. In its current form the proposed legislation does not accomplish these things."
Bill 140 goes back to Queens Park for amendments and then passage. Kennedy calls on CAW members to apply pressure to get support for a minimum patient care standard.

Jim Kennedy
CAW Local 27

"Go out and call our MPs and MPPs and put the pressure on them. We have to make this an election issue and if they want our votes they need to get on board and support us for a minimum staffing standard of 3.5 hours."
CAW "Fighting Back Makes a Difference."

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