CAW Council Joins The Manufacturing Matters Campaign

Port Elgin, Ontario

April 13, 2007

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CAW Council Joins The Manufacturing Matters Campaign

The workplace leadership of the Canadian Auto Workers union is fighting mad over the continuing plant closings and job losses in Canada which has reached epidemic proportions. CAW National president Buzz

Hargrove told the leaders at a CAW Council meeting in Port Elgin April 13th and 14th that the Manufacturing Matters Campaign is the most important "fight back" the union has ever undertaken.

Buzz Hargrove
CAW National President

"We have to keep fighting back to defend our manufacturing base. There is nothing more important to the overall economy than a strong manufacturing base. We have to be pushing for jobs and we can't accept the logic that the only place there are going to be jobs anymore is in the oil and gas industry in the province of Alberta"

The CAW leadership was unanimous in their support of the campaign to save the manufacturing sector which has seen 250,000 jobs lost in Canada in less than five years.

Wayne Gates
Pres. CAW Local 199

"It isn't about us! It's about our kids and our grand kids and where they are going to work, what type of life they are going to have. And we have an obligation to leave them a life that is better than ours."
The leaders were urged to get all the members in the work place involved.

Alex Keeney
CAW National Rep.

"We have to have the ability and the courage to stand up to members and say, it's time you joined us! It's time you joined us in this fight to take on the insanity of this government. Because if we don't take on this government, by God they will have a majority government the next time they go to the polls and if we think we are in trouble now we will have a disaster on our hand if that happens sisters and brothers."

The Manufacturing Matters campaign is being spearheaded by Carol Phillips, assistant to the national president.

Carol Phillips
Assistant to CAW National President

"This is the most important campaign there is to the labour movement in Canada. The affiliates recognize it, the CLC recognizes it, working people recognize it, our leadership recognizes it."
The CAW leaders are committed to rallying their local members and to building a coalition including the Canadian Labour Congress, Labour Councils and community groups across the country. The goal is simple; put the manufacturing crisis on the national agenda and press the government to take action to protect Canada's manufacturing jobs.

CAW "Fighting Back Makes a Difference."

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