Violence Against Women and The Lack Of Equality Continues In Canada

Toronto, Ontario

June 11, 2008

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Paulette Senior
C.E.O. YWCA of Canada

"Everyday in this country, women are abused violated, infected and ignored while struggling to care for themselves and their families. And while the media and the popular culture would like to depict violence against women as a woman's issue it impacts us all. Violence against women is the world's largest and most persistent human rights violation."
Senior criticized the Harper government on failing to address pay equity challenges and cancelling a proposed national childcare program.

Paulette Senior
C.E.O. YWCA of Canada

"Good pay equity legislation has not been implemented across the work force. And the present federal government refuses to act on the recommendations to do so by its own standing committee."
"Canada's expenditure on childcare as a percentage of the GDP is the lowest among the OEDC countries. As it now stands, regulated childcare spaces meet the needs of less than 16 per cent of Canadian children. And with the cancellation of the federal child care agreement by this current government there is little prospect for improvement."

Senior urged women to run for office to bring women's issues to the forefront.

Paulette Senior
C.E.O. YWCA of Canada

"Party leaders and policy makers have been conspicuously silent on issues of violence against women, focusing instead on publicly decrying gangs and guns in an urban context rather than addressing the root causes of woman abuse."
Progress however is being made according to Senior. She outlined the success the YWCA has had with the "Week Without Violence program.

Paulette Senior
C.E.O. YWCA of Canada

"Eighty-six thousand people in over 600 schools, workplaces and neighbourhoods and organizations throughout Canada recognized the YWCA's "Week Without Violence". This is an annual prevention initiative the third week in October aimed at making violence against woman a thing of the past, recognized in 90 countries throughout the world."
Senior thanked the CAW for their support of the "Power of Being a Girl" violence prevention conference hosted by 16 YWCAs across Canada.

Paulette Senior
C.E.O. YWCA of Canada

"Because of CAW support and funding the conference was able to respond to local community needs, relying on girls' leadership in its planning and organization. Workshops focused on a variety of topics including self-esteem, relationships, dating, career choices, discrimination, and sexual health, bullying and internet safety amongst others."
The delegates warmly embraced the call to fight for pay equity, better political representation and tougher legal action and support to stop violence against women.

Buzz Hargrove
CAW President

"The more women who are elected, means the message is going to be there and more respect will be paid to women. And of course, the access to legal advice and help if they find themselves in an abusive relationship and need that. This is a very, very important message.
And finally your agenda, the outline for action here I think is one that we could fully endorse."

CAW "Fighting Back Makes a Difference."

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