Bob White - Hard Bargains - My Life On The Line

Hard Bargains: My Life on the Line by Bob White

Bob White, past president of the Canadian Auto Workers, is without a doubt one of the most influential figures in the Canadian labor movement. Respected by workers and business leaders alike, White has become a major voice in national affairs. All his life he has bargained hard, and, more often than not, won. In this frank autobiography, White reveals the inside stories of:

  • His confrontation with Lee Iacocca in Toronto's Harbour Castle Hotel during the 1982 Chrysler strike
  • Why he allowed the NFB to film Final Offer during the 1984 negotiations with GM
  • How the sit-in at Houdaille in Oshawa paid off for all Ontario workers
  • Why free trade is a bad deal for Canadians
  • How the United Auto Workers battled the creation of the independent Canadian Auto Workers
  • Why Newfoundland fishermen want to join the Canadian Auto Workers.

Available in bookstores or libraries.

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