Buzz Hargrove Letter to H.E. Samhoon Kim, Korean Ambassador, June 27, 2002

June 27, 2002

June 27, 2002

Sent by fax: 613-244-5043

H.E. Samhoon Kim
Korean Embassy
150 Boteler Street
Ottawa, ON K1N 5A6

Dear Ambassador Kim,

On behalf of the over 260,000 members of our union, the Canadian Auto Workers Union (CAW) I condemn the ongoing imprisonment of the President of the Korean confederation of trade Unions, Dan Byung-ho and the other over 50 trade unionist your government is currently holding in jail. These are workers leaders, committed to fighting for a more equitable quality of life for Korean workers and your government has no right in any kind of democratic society to incarcerate them.

Your government has got to understand that their crude attempts to try and silence the voices of these leaders will not work because many more courageous leaders are willing to come forward and continue the fight. In addition, trade unionists around the world are escalating their protests against the repressive actions of your government.

At a time when the worlds eyes are on Korea because of the World Cup we want you to know that we will persist in our efforts to achieve justice for Brother Dan Byung-ho and all trade unionist by continuing to highlight their persecution by Korea.

We appeal to the Korean government to start respecting the fundamental rights of workers to engage in trade union activity.

The Canadian Auto Workers stand with our sisters and brothers in Korea and will continue to do so until they are freed.

In solidarity,


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