CAW Policy Letter #4: Health & Safety, Benefit and all other Full and Part-Time Representatives Appointed by National President

December 1, 1987


LETTER NO. 4 December 1, 1987

Health & Safety, Benefit and All Other Full & Part Time Representatives Appointed by National President

To: All Local Union Presidents, Recording
Secretaries & Unit Chairpersons, CAW-Canada


At the 1987 Collective Bargaining Convention, the matter of the appointment of Health & Safety, Benefit and other representatives was thoroughly discussed, and a resolution was passed allowing Local Unions and Units of a Local Union to elect these representatives.

A letter dated June 25, 1987 from my office indicated that upon the conclusion of 1987 bargaining, the National Executive Board would review the above and issue a Policy Letter regarding their appointments.

The National Executive Board at its meeting on December 1, 1987 dealt with this issue and adopted the following policy:

1. No later than March, 1988 each Local Union and Unit of a Local Union must, with proper notice to the membership, indicate that at the next membership meeting the issue of electing or appointing these representatives, will be discussed and voted on at this meeting.

2. Local Unions and Units of a Local Union who decide to elect these representatives must hold the elections in conjunction with upcoming plant and office elections and their term of office shall be for three (3) years. Those Local Unions or Units with no regular elections in 1988 must hold the elections in May or June, 1988 and these representatives will remain in office until regular elections are held for the plant and office.

3. The following rules shall apply to Local Unions and Units of a Local Union who vote to continue appointing these representatives:

(a) Those persons holding appointed positions will be subject to a review once every three (3) years.

(b) Full time appointed representatives can not run for any other full time position within the plant, office and Local Union, without first resigning at the time of their nomination. However appointed representatives may run for non full time local union executive positions as well as a delegate to the CAW & Quebec Council, Conventions, Committees, and all other Conferences.

(c) Local unions and Units who currently have appointed representatives must at their membership meeting vote on each category, such as Health & Safety, Benefits, Substance abuse, Affirmative action, etc., separately, on whether they wish to continue these appointments or wish to elect these representatives.

(d) Local Unions and Units that decide to remain with these appointed representatives after March 31, 1988, may review their decision every three (3) years during the months of January, February, and March, commencing with the year of 1991.

Finally I would ask that each Local Union and Unit notify my office in writing as to their memberships' decision regarding the above matters.

Fraternally yours,

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