Quebec Director

Sylvain Martin

Biographical Sketch

Sylvain Martin was elected Quebec Director at the CAW Constitutional and Collective Bargaining Convention in August 2012.

He began his working career at Parco-Hesse, represented by CAW Local 777, in 1987. He was elected to the Parco-Hesse bargaining committee in 1989 and elected chairperson in 1991. From then until 2005, he became increasingly active in his local union. Initially, he was elected First Vice-President, and later elected to represent his local at the CAW Quebec Council, the CAW Constitutional Convention, and the FTQ Convention.

From 1991-1998, at the regional level Sylvain was responsible for education on the executive of the Regional FTQ Council for Haute-Yamaska and he was involved in many of the region's political issues at the provincial, federal and municipal levels.

From 1992-2005, Sylvain was a discussion leader for the Paid Education Leave Education Department. During his 13-year involvement, he coordinated the team of Quebec PEL instructors as well as the Quebec Family Education Program. He also took part in updating course content and training new instructors.

From 1994-1998, he participated in numerous organizing campaigns across Quebec as a community organizer for the Organizing Department.

From 2000-2005, he acted as a worker representative on workplace health and safety cases before the administrative review board and the Commission des lesions professionnelles.

From 2001-2005, he was President of the Quebec Council and member of the CAW National Executive Board and a national representative at the Quebec City office from 2005-2008. Since 2008, he has been Regional Director at the Montreal office.

Within the political sphere, he has been a member of the Parti Québécois since 1991 and of the Bloc Québécois since 1994. He also participated in the founding of the SPQ Libre, a left-leaning sovereigntist league within the PQ.

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