CAW Policy Letter #16: Use of Local Union Property

July 21, 1997


LETTER NO. 16 July 21, 1997

Use of Local Union Property

To: CAW Local Union Presidents and Recording Secretaries


One of our union's objectives is to unite all workers who are under the CAW-Canada's jurisdiction regardless of race, sex, creed, colour, marital status, sexual preference, disability, political or religious affiliation or place of national origin. We can only be effective in our goal if the membership knows the union truly belongs to them. To this end, the union has developed harassment and human rights policies and gender sensitivity training, among other things, to ensure that the dignity and equality of our sisters and brothers is not threatened.

Local unions are established according to the CAW-Canada's Constitution and must comply with all the requirements of the Constitution, bylaws, policies, acts and decision of the CAW-Canada. This includes a duty to promote a harassment and discrimination free environment and to work to ensure the human rights of all members are respected.

Local unions, or Local Union Building Corporations, may own property, buildings or assets such as union halls. From time to time, local unions rent, lease or otherwise allow members or others to use their property. Any such use should be in accordance with the Constitution, bylaws, policies, acts and decisions of the CAW-Canada and the local union.

Each local union shall create an approval process for any request to use the local unions property. Such process shall include the following:

  • A review by a specified local union official or committee of the intended use to ensure it complies with the objectives and policies of the CAW-Canada as well as the CAW's Constitution, bylaws, acts and decisions;
  • A recommendation to the local president or his/her designate on whether to accept the property booking;
  • If the booking is accepted, a requirement that the use or renter sign a formal contract, whether or not a fee is charged for the usage. A copy of the CAW's harassment and human rights policies shall be attached to the contract.
  • A provision included in the usage or rental contract as follows:
"The user agrees that all activities taking place on union property shall be in accordance with the CAW's harassment and human rights policies; copies of which are attached to this agreement."

In solidarity,

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