CAW Policy Letter #18: Internet Use

April 21, 1998


LETTER NO. 18 April 21, 1998

CAW Policy on Internet Use

To: CAW Local Union Presidents and Recording Secretaries


Consistent with the CAW's anti-harassment policy, the CAW National Executive Board has approved a new policy on Internet use.

The Internet is an exciting, innovative and growing source of information and communication as we approach the new millennium.

Unfortunately, the Internet is also an unregulated medium that can be used as a source of hate-related, racist and pornographic material.

Both news reports about Internet content and disturbing examples about the negative uses of this new medium have prompted the National Executive Board at a meeting in Port Elgin on April 1, 1998 to approve the attached Internet policy, urging the installation of software readily available in Canada to filter racist, hate-related and pornographic material.

This policy is intended to ensure the Internet remains a source of positive, useful information for the National Union, local unions and CAW membership.

In solidarity,

Internet Policy Letter

CAW Policy on Internet Use

The Internet offers access to a wealth of information. It is, however, an unregulated medium with highly diverse users and developers. Some of the materials available over the Internet are offensive, such as those composed of racist, hate-related or pornographic content.

While the CAW encourages local unions and the national union to make use of the resources available through the Internet, it is our policy that on computer equipment owned by the national union or by local unions, access must be restricted to appropriate sites.

It is CAW policy that specific software that functions as content filters be installed on all CAW-owned computer equipment. Furthermore, in cases where CAW members have access to the Internet through company-owned equipment, CAW policy directs our bargaining committees to require those employers through negotiation to also purchase and install the filtering software.

The following are some common examples of filtering software, which are available throughout Canada either through computer dealers or directly from the manufacturer:

Net Nanny

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