CAW Policy Letter #13: Conducting Lotteries in Local Unions

November 26, 1991


LETTER NO. 13 November 26, 1991

CAW 1991 Constitutional Convention Policy - Conducting Lotteries in Local Unions - Order of Appearance of Candidates' Names on Ballot

To: Local Union Presidents, Recording Secretaries and
Election Committee Chairpersons, CAW-Canada


The 1991 CAW Constitutional Convention, the highest authority in the CAW, at the recommendation of the Convention Appeals Committee, adopted a policy regarding the conducting of lotteries when establishing the order of appearance of candidates' names on the ballot in Local Union elections.

While other methods are acceptable, such as alphabetical order; where the lottery system is used, all Local Unions are now obligated to use the following method and any departure from the eleven (11) steps outlined will be regarded as a breach of the CAW Constitution.

1. The Election Committee will set a date, place and time for the lottery.
2. The time, date and place set for the lottery shall be displayed prominently on the Notice of Election. Each and every candidate shall be entitled to attend the lottery or designate a representative to do so.
3. The Local Union shall not be obligated to pay any of the candidates or their representatives to attend the lottery.
4. Insofar as possible, the lottery should be scheduled at a reasonable time outside of working hours.
5. The committee will write the name of each nominee on separate slips of paper of equal size.
6. Each slip of paper will be folded in the same manner, so that the name of the nominee is on the inside of the fold, and in such a manner that the nominee's name cannot be read or seen after folding.
7. The folded slips of paper are to be placed in a container of appropriate size.
8. The slips of paper will be stirred or shaken by one member of the Election Committee in such a manner that any prearranged order is not possible.
9. One member of the Election Committee, other than the one in step 8, will then withdraw the slips of paper one at a time from the container in a manner that prevents him/her from seeing the slips in the container.
10. The order in which the names are withdrawn will be the order in which the candidates names appear on the ballot.
11. The process will be repeated for each office for which there are more nominees than vacancies.

Please take the necessary steps to ensure that your Local Union complies with this policy for all future elections where the lottery system is used to establish the order of appearance of candidates' names on the ballot.

In solidarity,

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