CAW Policy Letter #17: Compulsory Retirement at Age 65

August 13, 1997

CAW Policy Letter

Letter NO. 17 Aug 13, 1997

Mandatory Retirement

The continuing strength of our union is related to our ability to bring in new activists, shop stewards, and leadership; to organize, train and educate; and resist the temptation of buying into the corporate agenda. We must challenge ourselves to ensure that we continue to build on our progressive, militant brand of social unionism.

We have always faced the question of how we accomplish this and we have used our collective bargaining strength to bargain more representation. Our educational programs also provide us with the needed tools and confidence. As well, the officers and staff of the national union have historically agreed, by political decision, that retirement at age 65 is necessary and desirable to ensure the energy, desire and commitment to maintain this direction of our union into the future.

Many of our major collective agreements, covering large numbers of our members, now require compulsory retirement at age 65.

As we head toward the new millennium, this convention strongly supports the move, from a political decision, to a mandatory age 65 retirement provision in the constitution of our union where the law allows. In those jurisdictions where the law does not allow mandatory retirement at age 65, this Convention statement shall serve notice to all national officers, as well as local union officers and staff, that the expectation and desire of the union is that all leadership voluntarily abides by this convention decision.

In solidarity,


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