Local Enviro Council Offers Rain Barrel Solutions

February 21, 2011, 3:00 PM EST

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The CAW Durham Regional Environmental Council is selling repurposed food grade barrels for use as rain barrels.

The fundraiser will allow the council to continue providing environmental education and advocacy through public forums, community clean-ups, tree plantings and local cancer prevention initiatives.

CAW DREC President Dave Renaud said that the council wants to encourage all gardeners and homeowners to use a barrel to collect rain water, to minimize the environmental impact of rain water runoff. Rain water should be filtered through the earth before it ends up in lakes and rivers, but instead it often flows without soaking into the ground, picking up automotive fuel, lawn care products and other toxins before ending up in our water sources.

The rain barrels cost $50 (usually retail between $69 -$150) and are available through the website. For more information, please visit:
http://rainbarrel.ca/oshawa/ or contact Dave Renaud at 905-404-1279.

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