CAW Urges Province to Take Control of Belle River Retirement Home

January 27, 2011, 11:24 AM EST

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The CAW is requesting Ontario's Minister Responsible for Seniors take over control of a retirement home in Belle River, Ontario where vulnerable residents and the workers who care for them are under stress because pay, taxes, and pension contributions are not being paid.

CAW President Ken Lewenza in a January 21 letter to Sophia Aggelonitis, Ontario's Minister Responsible for Seniors, said the CAW has pursued justice through the arbitration process at the Lachaumiere Retirement Home. The arbitrator has ruled in favour of the CAW regarding outstanding wages and while the company will be ordered to pay the outstanding amounts there is ongoing concern over the care of residents.

"The biggest problem in the eyes of the CAW and CAW Local 2458 is the 63 vulnerable seniors, many of who suffer from severe health related issues from Alzheimer's to diabetes. Who will speak and represent their interests?" Lewenza asked.

"The CAW is requesting the provincial government take over management control of this facility in the interest of the 63 residents. The CAW is also requesting, as the minister responsible for seniors that you, at your earliest opportunity visit Lachaumiere Retirement Home to experience directly the stresses related to those vulnerable residents and extremely dedicated workforce," Lewenza requested.

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