The People Vs. U.S. Steel Rally

January 14, 2011, 2:12 PM EST

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CAW members are urged to take part in the Hamilton Day of Action in support of United Steelworkers Local 1005 members who have been locked out by U.S. Steel.

The People versus U.S. Steel Rally will be held Saturday, January 29 starting at Hamilton City Hall, 71 Main Street West at 1 p.m. The rally will be followed by a march through the downtown core to raise awareness of this important fight for retirement security.

U.S. Steel has locked out 900 Hamilton steelworkers and is pushing to force 9,000 Hamilton retirees to give up the indexing of pensions as well as the loss of defined benefit pensions for new hires.

CAW President Ken Lewenza is urging full participation at the rally. "This is a fight to defend pensions both at the bargaining table and in the public domain," said Lewenza. 

"USW Local 1005 and its 900 members and 9,000 pensioners are waging a battle on behalf of all of us," a CLC poster states. "Foreign owned companies like U.S. Steel are attempting to steal our futures by attacking our pensions while the Harper government is attempting to hand public pensions over to private banks."

"Winning this battle for Hamilton Steelworkers is the first step in a national campaign to defend retirement security for everyone."

If you want more information about what your CAW local can do to help or if you need more details about the rally please contact CAW national coordinator Terry Farrell at cell 416-662-0112 or email him at

Click here to download the information poster for printing (pdf)


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