CAW Tackles LGBT Youth Bullying and Suicide

December 3, 2010

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CAW Tackles LGBT Youth Bullying and Suicide
CAW Tackles LGBT Youth Bullying and Suicide
dated December 3, 2010

Toronto, Ontario
December 3, 2010

Toronto, Ontario
December 3, 2010

Ken Lewenza
CAW National President

       "Our union recognizes human rights regardless of our sexual orientation and we talk about our need to help those people I'm talking about everybody's need . But when there is a population, when there is a community that has a higher suicide rate than the weighted average, then we've got to concentrate our efforts in providing support for that community."

Billy O'Neill
CAW Local 707

       "The bullying of LGBT youth has become an increasing problem in Canadian schools and classrooms leading to widespread mental and emotional issues among students who frequently face homophobia and transphobia. Two thirds of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans students feel unsafe at school. Fifty one percent of LGBT students have been verbally harassed about their sexual orientation and twenty one percent have been physically harassed or assaulted. They do this because they feel it is acceptable because the school administration is not condemning the actions or that they are encouraged by other students.The CAW has been at the forefront in challenging injustices to all people and I encourage each of us in this room to take a stand. We need to do more, we need to unite and we need to start the conversation so that youth know that they are not alone."

Robert Pyne
CAW Local 1524 Financial Secretary

       "I too was like some of the kids at school being bullied, harassed, picked on, taunted, beaten up and my youngest daughter now is in the same position. Not because she is gay herself but because her father is gay."

Steve Olsen
CAW Local 1120

       "When you see something going on, step in , intervene and let them know that there is a safe place for them."

Wayne Butler
CAW Local 20 Marine Workers President

       "We personally have to make this our agenda, to go back in our work place and make sure that we do something about it not only in our work place but in our communities as well."

Lisa Kelly
CAW National Representative

       "I want us to tell these youth that it needs to be better now and we will actually join together to make it better now."

Kellie Scanlan
CAW Local 414

       "I really implore you to leave here today, you supported the recommendation, go home and act. Act on the recommendation, talk to people, fight for us."

CAW Fighting Back Makes A Difference.

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