Executive Board Training

Having a local union executive equipped with the skills to do their work is important, but especially so as we take on some of the challenges currently facing CAW members across the country.

In this week-long program we'll explore the duties and responsibilities of executive board members, consider various aspects of leadership, and address membership involvement.

This program uses new approaches to education that are designed to engage, challenge and motivate new and seasoned leadership.  In-class discussions and workshops will compliment panel presentations and guest speakers on key aspects of Executive Board duties.   CAW leadership and staff specialists will lead workshops on important issues facing the union.

Whether you're a new or seasoned local union Executive Board member, this course will provide an opportunity to learn more about your role and responsibilities, connect and share experiences with leadership from across the country on our struggles as a union, and the key challenges we are facing - don't miss this unique opportunity!

All applicants must currently hold an elected or appointed position on their Local Union Executive Board.