Demand Care Standards!

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Every person living in an Ontario long-term care facility should be entitled to quality care delivered with respect and dignity.

Yet thousands of Ontarians know from their personal work experience or from the plight of family members in long term care facilities that our province is not meeting this standard. There is no minimum staffing level in Ontario's long term care facilities.

Since 1995, the number of "heavy care" residents has grown by 50 per cent. Today, care givers are often providing care to as many as twice the number of residents than a decade ago.

These conditions are severe. They are driving down the standard of care that both residents and workers in this province deserve. In 2003, the Liberal government committed to a "revolution in long term care," but have so far failed to live up to this important promise. This is unacceptable.

Take a moment to send a message to Ontario Minister of Health and Long Term Care Deb Matthews and let her know that our seniors deserve standards of care. Send a letter now.

Follow the links below to download materials for this important campaign.