CAW Celebrates Labour Day and Its 25th Anniversary

September 6, 2010

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CAW Celebrates Labour Day and Its 25th Anniversary
September 6, 2010

Toronto, Ontario
September 6, 2010

Toronto, Ontario
September 6, 2010

Ken Lewenza
CAW President

       "Today we celebrate our labour movement. Today we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the CAW. And in that celebration we recognize our past successes, our past struggles and our past victories. But for us to move forward we must continue to advance the cause of all Canadians. We must continue to inspire the people throughout the world that the trade labour movement is more relevant today than it has ever been in its history in defending the rights of workers to make fair wages, fair benefits and fair conditions of work."


John Cartwright
Pres. Toronto & York District Labour Council

       "In this year's parade the theme is, protect our public services, because what our movement has won over the decades, when we fought and won for Canada Pensions; when we fought and won for public health care; when we fought and won for public transit and for many, many programs that benefit our families and our neighbourhoods; those are now at risk as we are seeing the new right wing agenda rolling out across this country and across this world."


Sid Ryan
Pres. Ontario Federation of Labour

       "We've got many challenges head in the next year, of course one of them being a government that is basically saying to public sector workers that you have got to take a wage freeze; that we're going to take money out of your pocket and put it into the pocket of the corporate sector. That's a recipe that we will not accept in this province!"


Joe Pantalone
Toronto Mayoral Candidate

       "We have an amazing city where an immigrant can work hard, a worker can work hard to get wages and benefit people to build a better city. This is something that is very special and it needs protecting. The only way we are going to do it is simply on October 25th ensuring that there is a Mayor in Toronto that believes in this kind of stuff and there is a council that does as well."


Ken Georgetti
Pres. Canadian Labour Congress

       "This is a great labour day everybody. We're on the verge of expanding one of our greatest social programs, the Canada Pension Plan , largely and thankfully for all the work that the CAW has done on this campaign from one end of the country to the other."


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