Official Opening of the Buzz Hargrove Youth Training Centre

October 27, 2010

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Offical Opening of the Buzz Hargrove Youth Training Centre
dated October 27, 2010

Toronto, Ontario
October 27, 2010

Toronto, Ontario
October 27, 2010

Andrew McDonald
Eva's Phoenix General Manager

       "Over the past ten years over a thousand youth have called Phoenix home and over 1500 have accessed our programs and services. It's never an easy journey but so many inspiring, talented and insightful youth are carving their own paths toward healthy, meaningful and self-sufficient lives."


Ken Lewenza
CAW National President

       "Let me begin by thanking Eva's initiatives for their incredible work. We are a union that believes that our responsibility is at the collective bargaining table for our members, to advance the causes of our members. But we also want to bring that success to the communities and the country in which we live both in Canada and internationally and Eva's Initiatives is an example of our commitment to social justice, our commitment to social unionism."


Will Bujold
Eva's Phoenix Former Resident

       "It took me a while to get where I am today, a lot of positive things came into my life and I can most definately say that Eva's is one of those positive things that allowed me to regain that importance of what life is. It gave me life to live."


Amber Parsons
Eva's Phoenix Resident

       "Its great the support of the staff, the program, it is just a fun-loving community they are always there to talk to you if you need them and always help you with what ever you need."


Gerry Schwartz
Onex Corporation CEO

       "It's just remarkable to walk through here and see what's upstairs and how it has all come to life under your nurturing and guidance. And I want to congratulate my friend Buzz Hargrove and the CAW organization for their tremendous leadership, this entire venture never would have gotten started without them, so congratulation Buzz and the CAW"


Maria Crawford
Eva's Initiatives Executive Director

       "I have a gift that I would like to present to Buzz and to Gerry. It contains the stories of a number of youth whose lives you have changed forever as a result of your efforts and your generosity. It truly is a limited edition, printed right here in our very own print shop."


Buzz Hargrove
Former CAW National President

       "I have nothing but the greatest admiration and I just want to thank all of you for your support. The work never ends and there are a lot of young people out there today that will rely on this centre. It would be a crime to have the training centre here and not enough money to be able to accommodate a full allotment of young people off the street. Thank you all very much and have a wonderful day,"

CAW Fighting Back Makes A Difference.

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