Nortel Retirees Rally at Queens Park

September 15, 2010

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Nortel Retirees Rally at Queen's Park

Nortel Retirees Rally at Queens Park
dated September 15, 2010

Bowmanville, Ontario
May 18, 2010

Toronto, Ontario
September 15, 2010

Bob Nickerson
Former CAW National Secretary-Treasurer

       "The people in this House here that are supposed to take care of us, our members of parliament, aren't even listening to us. They are not listening at all. We're here to make sure that they listen to what we have got to say. And we've got a lot to say about pensions in this country."


Ron Oros
London Nortel Protection Committee

       "We want to manage our pensions ourselves."


Sylvia Henderson
Retired Nortel Worker Local 1520

       "Right now we are going to be losing thirty six percent of our pension."


John Babiak
Nortel Retiree

       "We don't want the pension plan wound up. We think we can administer it in a better fashion."


Bob Fraser
Nortel Retiree

       "We've been cheated. I believe that we had a contract with Nortel."


Linda Horwath
Ontario NDP Leader

       "Our pension system fails too many Ontarians. Too many workers like yourself are stuck at the back of the line when companies go bankrupt. That is not acceptable."


Jack Walsh
Canadian Federation of Pensioners Vice President

       "McGuinty, we are calling on you to act. And we would like to remind you all of one very important thing, we pensioners have long memories and we pensioners vote, and we are going to vote in 2011."


Peter Kennedy
CAW National Secretary-Treasurer

       "We must find a way to continue the operation of the Nortel Pension Fund. And consequently we are calling on government, on the Premier and the Finance Minister to take action to help us make this happen. There is a real opportunity here for government to step in and do the right thing. Government can undo some of the damage already inflicted by Nortel. The 20,000 Nortel retirees, who have contributed so much to the development of this province and to their communities deserve no less. Premier McGuinty you have choices. Do not make the wrong one. Do not wind up the plan! Do not wind up the plan! Do Not wind up the plan!"

CAW Fighting Back Makes A Difference.

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