2010 Joint Council - Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges, Moving Forward (Montreal, Quebec: August 27-29)

The Canadian Auto Workers union convened its Canada-Quebec Joint Council on August 27-29 in Montreal and celebrated the 25th anniversary of its formation as an independent Canadian union. The Council brought together approximately 800 delegates, staff and special guests from across Canada and Quebec for the Joint Council - a decision-making body that meets every three years.

Under the banner of "Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges, Moving Forward," the union reflected on a dynamic 25 years and charted a direction for the future.

Highlights of the 2010 Joint Council include:

  • The endorsement of a new discussion paper entitled Fighting for Good Jobs;
  • The launch of "Making History: A Visual Record of the CAW's First 25 Years," a book that reflects, through photography, interviews and an essay, on the legacy of the union. The book was coordinated and edited by photographer Vincenzo Pietropaolo.
  • The presentation of the CAW Nelson Mandela Human Rights Award to Esther Munyerenkana from the Democratic Republic of Congo, who made the exceptional trip to Canada to receive the award and gave an empassioned speech to Council delegates. Esther is a nurse and social worker at the Panzi Hospital and works with women who have survived brutal sexual assaults and rape, to help rebuild their lives.

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News Stories

Address by CAW National President Ken Lewenza
Presentation - "Making History: A Visual Record of the CAW's first 25 years" by Vincenzo Pietropaolo
Remarks by Founding CAW President Bob White
Address by Bloc Québécois leader Gilles Duceppe
Presentation of Nelson Mandela Human Rights Award and Address by Esther Munyerenkana

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