Additional Resources

Books on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) issues:

Out at Work: Building a Gay-Labor Alliance edited by Kitty Krupat and Patrick McCreery, University of Minnesota Press, 2001. This is a collection of essays by American trade unionists and LGBT activists, including AFL-CIO President John Sweeney.

Same-sex marriage: Pros and Cons edited by Andrew Sullivan, Vintage Press, 1999. This is a collection of essays that explores same-sex marriage from a number of perspectives: left-wing writers, religious commentators, conservatives and LGBT activists all line up to give their views.

Laboring for Rights: Unions & Sexual Diversity Across Nations edited by Gerald Hunt, Temple University Press, 1999. A collection of essays tracing the development of LGBT activism within unions, and labour's response to such issues as same-sex benefits, anti-discrimination language and anti-homophobia education. Countries discussed include Canada, the United States, Germany, Britain, France, thee Netherlands, South Africa and parts of the South Pacific.

TransLiberation by Leslie Feinberg, 1999. This book explores issues of transgender equality and difference in personal, political, historical and theoretical terms. It is a tremendous resource and offers explicit challenges and questions for the broader gay community.


This Ain't Going Away (35 minutes). The CAW produced this dramatic video to show the devastating effects and consequences of workplace harassment. In this case, the harassment is directed at Kate, a lesbian who works in a chocolate factory. The video shows the steps involved in attempting to resolve workplace harassment informally. It is used mainly as a tool for anti-harassment seminars, but because of it's chosen subject (sexuality and homophobia), it is also an excellent learning tool for membership and leadership on issues affecting LGBT union members.

Out At Work (60 minutes) This video documentary follows the lives of three trade union activists in their struggles as gay and lesbian workers. We meet Nat, a library worker, who is fighting for same-sex partner healthcare benefits. Cheryl was fired from her job as a restaurant worker for being a lesbian. As a gay man, Ron faces harassment and violence on the job in an auto plant. As we follow the lives of these courageous workers, we see the important role unions can play in fighting for all workers, for fairness, safety, and dignity. This video is funny, it is sad, it is inspiring. It will work well for all audiences, it has been credited with changing hearts, and changing minds.

Many local unions have copies of these two videos. The can also be borrowed from the CAW Education Video Library (1-800-268-5763 ext. 489). You may want to consider a video presentation for your caucus, at a membership meeting, or for your local union leadership.