Top 10 reasons to join

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The following article was submitted to the CAW by the United Church Ministers' Organizing Committee:

On Nov. 5, 2004, Rev. Dr. David Galston and Rev. Jim Evans signed an official application for membership to the CAW. This action officially launched a CAW Union drive for United Church of Canada clergy.

If you are a United Church minister and you're interested in joining the CAW you can find out more by calling or e-mailing any of the following contacts:

Top 10 Reasons to Join CAW-Canada:

10. You can have some control over your workplace, guaranteed in the contract you negotiate with your employer.

9. Education offered by the CAW is the best available to union members in Canada. The CAW Education Program gives union members the tools they need to build a better union, and to develop skills to deal with management.

8. CAW professional staff work with local unions to negotiate contracts and assist members in dealings with employers.

7. A $50-million Defence fund ensures that members of CAW have resources to use if they need them to defend their rights. Over 97 percent of CAW contracts are settled without strike or lockout. In representing CAW member nurses, who do not have the right to strike, CAW successfully negotiates contract agreements without disruption of health services.

6. Collective agreements that have always led the way by setting wage-and-benefit patterns for thousands of workers across Canada.

5. The experience and reliability of Canada's largest private sector. The CAW represents 200,000 working people like you in nearly every industry and job imaginable.

4. Health and Safety protection, as well as research and representation in such areas as workers' compensation and occupational health and safety legislation.

3. Fairness and dignity in the workplace, made enforceable by a negotiated legal contract. Respect is no longer dependent on the whim of a boss. With a CAW Union contract, there are no barriers created by favouritism or arbitrary actions of employers.

2. Democracy within the CAW is carefully protected. Union members vote for their leadership, at all levels, vote for contract proposals, vote to ratify agreements. Every member can run for office and fully participate in the local and national union.

1. The number one reason for joining CAW is what it can mean to you and your family.

In Canada, unions are responsible for many of the things we now take for granted - paid vacations, benefits, pensions and more. CAW is a union that builds on the past, protecting what we have won and helping to create a better future. The CAW delivers this and more at very low cost to its union members. CAW members, working 35 hours or more a week, pay union dues equivalent to two hours and 20 minutes per month, straight-time pay. Part-time workers working less than 40 hours in a month, dues are calculated at one hour and 10 minutes per month, straight-time pay.

For our full-time United Church clergy, union dues would fall in the ballpark of $30 per month.