Pride Parades

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What's Pride really about?

The pride parade is a massive demonstration of collective power. It is one day of the year where LGBT activists can walk together without fear of violence, harassment, or abuse. A day where we hold hands in public, and yes, even kiss.

A day where our bodies, which are repressed, closeted, denied and shamed, are actually celebrated. A day where we fight back against electric shock therapy, bigoted employers, hostile co-workers, AIDS/HIV discrimination, disease and death, tremendously high suicide rates and smear campaigns. A day when trans people, who fought on the frontlines at Stonewall and who are still among the most marginalized in our society - including within the LGBT community - are admired as heroes. A day when the poverty experienced by many in our community who are denied jobs, or fired, or harassed into quitting must be recognized. A day when the police, who regularly bash, intimidate, and turn a blind eye when members of our community are harassed and murdered, have to stand on the sidelines and witness our power. A day, unlike any other day, where we are not isolated, where we are the dominant culture. This is the kind of power that is transformative and can only come through collective action. That's tremendously political and tremendously powerful. Is what's shown on television representative of who's at the parade, or what goes on there? No, darling, only the fabulous people ever make it on tv.

Our fightback is creative, it is fun, and it's loud (in every sense). It doesn't look like any other demonstration. Perhaps that's partly why we're able to attract a million people to Toronto Pride every year, and get so much attention in cities across the country. Wouldn't it be great if Labour Day Parades drew these crowds?

Why CAW Allies & LGBT members should attend pride events

The pride parade is a fantastic way for LGBT union members to get to know each other and to experience union pride.

It's also an important day of the year that we ask our Allies and leadership to come out and show your support. We've heard it time and time again from our LGBT members - we love when you're there, and we notice when you're not. Come on out and join us - what better way to tell non-unionized (unorganized) workers that our union supports LGBT members, and what a great way to support your LGBT brothers and sisters in the workplace. Plus, you'll have the time of your life. Bring a CAW flag or wear a CAW t-shirt if you've got one.