Post-Secondary Workers

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CAW and University Employees: Stronger Together

Times are rapidly changing in Canada's university sector. As with rest of the economy, the University sector must now fiercely compete for government and private corporate funding. This has created a challenging climate for many university employees. Employees have experienced first hand how university administrations, aggressive in their strategies to 'balance the budget' have resorted to squeezing labour costs or outsourcing jobs. University employees can all too easily get lost in this "funding" struggle.

By joining the CAW today, the rights and working conditions of university employees can be protected and advanced.

The CAW is a progressive and influential union in Canada. With 200,000 members across the country in virtually every economic sector, no other union can match our public profile, our democratic internal structures, or our effectiveness at helping our members fight for and win better conditions and job security.

The CAW continues to:

  • Lead the Way on Pay Equity and Equality
  • Fight for Pensions and Benefits
  • Provide Education, Technical, Office ad Professional employees with a voice, not only in the union but through their very own sectoral Council

CAW and the Post Secondary Education Sector

Today, the CAW has a strong presence within the post secondary education sector representing a diverse array of professional employees at seven different Canadian universities:

  • University of Lakehead
  • University of Manitoba
  • McMaster University
  • University of Sudbury
  • St. Francis Xavier
  • University of Toronto
  • University of Windsor

We represent a multitude of university employees consisting of administrative assistants, administrators, laboratory technicians, library assistants, medical secretaries, IT specialists, research coordinators, research nurses and skilled tradespersons.

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Our knowledge of the challenges that face workers in the post secondary education sector and our expertise to effectively deal with those challenges, are second to none.

Numerous employee groups at various campuses throughout Canada are joining the CAW. The CAW's strong resources and ability to negotiate progressive and innovative collective agreements are just some of the reasons that Canadian professionals want to join the CAW.

To Find Out More About the CAW:

If you have any questions, please contact us at 1-877-495-6551, or