G8 and G20 Open Forum - People First! We Deserve Better

June 19, 2010

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G8 & G20 Open Forum - People First! We Deserve Better

G8 & G20 Open Forum - People First! We Deserve Better
dated June 19, 2010

Toronto, Ontario
June 19, 2010

Toronto, Ontario
June 19, 2010

Barbara Byers
Exec. Vice President Canadian Labour Congress

       "This afternoon's panel is going to look at labours response particularly decent work and the International Labour Organizations Global Jobs Pact."


Kwasi Adu-Amankwah
General Secretary International Trade Union Confederation - Africa

       "Last year in 2009 the International Labour Organization developed the Global Jobs Pact. The Global Jobs Pact underlines some principles for the recovery and that includes placing employment at the heart and also focusing on labour market policies and institutions to support job seekers and also to provide training and to support transition from one job to another."


Ambet Yuson
General Secretary Building and Woodworkers International

       "Our message basically is unions have solutions and what we're trying to work on now is to make sure we defend and protect our jobs. We create new jobs and we promote green jobs."


John Cartwright
President Toronto & York Region Labour Council

       "My brother from the Building and Woodworkers International union talked about the green economy. That is the only economy that we can be building and not just a green economy that's nicer for the environment, but that also rests on the issue of social justice and equity. It's interesting that the old saying that you need to Think Globally and Act Locally, is being played out with the ILO Global Jobs Pact based on a declaration that everybody in our society has the right to a good job including the right to collective representation at work, to decent wages and benefits and retirement dignity and all those kinds of things because fundamentally that's what people should have."


Peggy Nash
Assistant to CAW National President

       "So this is part of a bigger story over the last twenty or twenty five years. A global story of growing productivity, in fact dramatic increases in productivity but decreasing or stagnating levels of income, of wages and certainly growing inequality. Only one in four of the workers who are being laid off is actually getting any kind of a job and of those one in four, seventy percent, are getting jobs that you would call precarious, that are temporary, contract, part-time, insecure low pay jobs. We want to have good green jobs in a good sustainable economy an economy where workers around the world can enjoy the fruits of their labour and can achieve a better standard of living."

CAW Fighting Back Makes A Difference.

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