Health & Safety for Women

All workers face health and safety issues at work - injuries, workplace hazards, disease and stress.  Many of these issues also have a gender dimension - they affect women's bodies in particular ways.  In this course, participants will discuss and learn about how women's health (including reproductive health) is affected by:

  • toxic workplace substances
  • the way work is often designed to fit men's bodies
  • workplace stresses such as violence and harassment
  • and much more.

This course was developed and written by CAW women health and safety activists, for CAW women.  The program gives participants tools and skills for assessing workplace hazards and risks, and provides participants with a sound knowledge of key health and safety principles, (hazard control, precautionary principles, right to refuse, right to know, and the right to participate).  The course includes an active role play and covers key provisions of health and safety legislation from every jurisdiction in Canada.  This program is geared to women who are health and safety committee members, and to all CAW women who want to know more about how to make our workplaces and lives safer and healthier.