Building Workplace Power

Is your membership feeling bruised and battered these days?  Are you looking for ways to build and strengthen the power of members in our workplace?  If so, this course is for you!

Employers have been using this economic crisis to chip away at the strength of our membership in workplaces across the country.  Many of our members are feeling insecure and vulnerable in a volatile economic climate.  In this course we'll look at where we do have power in our workplaces and how we leverage and build on this power.  We'll explore strategies and tactics for strengthening and equipping our members to fight for dignity and respect in the workplace even during tough times.  We will consider struggles of the past and look at how workers were creative and innovative in their strategic approaches to building power.  We will also look at the struggles of workers from other unions and countries, and reflect on lessons we can apply in our own workplaces today.

We'll explore communication strategies and creative membership engagement to build power and a sense of connection between members.  Following this course, activists and leaders will have new and creative ideas that will help them strengthen and build power in their own workplaces.